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Project Management - A High Performance Checklist!
by Rick Sidorowicz  


Skills in project management and project membership are becoming increasingly valued as more and more ‘work’ involves change efforts, new initiatives, and a series of projects to add value for internal and external customers.

Three areas appear to be the great ‘enablers’ of exceptionally high project performance - leadership, process management, and the effective application of information technology. Consider this high performance checklist in project planning, process improvement, and change efforts.

Project Leadership

CEO commitment, profile and visibility;

Commitment of investment dollars;

Executive involvement and active sponsorship;

A top down strategy;

Participation in the broader community and industry task forces;

A high beam focus on the project deliverables;

Industry alliances for pilot projects;

Bold cycle time and efficiency objectives;

The integration and alignment of resources;

Plans to eliminate blockages;

Accelerate decision making cycle times;

Accelerate learning, of everyone.

Process Management

Set up multi functional process teams;

Assign or recruit ‘heavyweight’ project managers;

Set up rapid deployment teams;

Go mobile - with communications and equipment;

Make decisions in real time;

Locate process team members together;

Launch concurrent development and implementation - employ ‘parallel tasking’;

Locate out in the field, in the ‘action’;

Launch pilot projects with quick hits, successes, and wins;

Inject the voice of the customer;

Inject the voice of the supplier;

Use change agents and facilitators - internal and external.

Information Technology

Invest in appropriate IT architecture;

Obtain productive IT development tools;

Accelerate IT development cycle times;

Create shared information/data structures;

Use industry standards and protocols;

Create telecommunications networks;

Employ scanning and bar coding technology;

Create user friendly filters;

Focus on system linkages;

Ensure data integrity at source;

Validate the integrity of forecasting and allocation algorithms;

Design expert systems;

Create a virtual reality of live, real time information.

The 'enablers' of high performance:

  1. Leadership

  2. Effective process management

  3. Information technology


The Author


Rick Sidorowicz is the Publisher and Editor of The CEO Refresher and
the Minister of Culture of High Performance Retail.

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