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The Eagle as Metaphor
by Henry K.

Man’s desire to emulate the eagle was so great that when he created his flying machines they inherited many of the creature’s sensibilities. Dispassionate mastery over life and death, their incredible speed and strength, their keen eyesight and terrible efficiency suggests nobility, power, and freedom. This sense of their grace and authority is reflected in the heraldry of nations from the eagle of the Roman legion to the seal of the American Republic.

 Birds of Prey - Parry and Putman

Leaders are like eagles ... 
You find them one at a time.
Henry K.
Tofino, B.C.



The Author


Henry K. is a private pilot, author, artist, actor, whale watcher, fly fisherman, tour guide, seasonal server and surfer residing in Tofino, B.C. Canada, as well as a contributing editor to The CEO Refresher.

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