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Everything I Ever Learned About Teaming
by Bettina Ann Grahek


I had the most wonderful meeting with my teachers today - a different kind of meeting. It prompted me to write this, though not yet complete.

Sit in a circle

serve cookies and a drink

be polite




make eye contact

ask questions

give approval

stay on task


create a vision

be respectful

be open to learning

be forgiving

care about your team

care about your team mates

offer your assistance

problem solve

work together

be yourself

be constructive, not destructive

be sincere

think before you speak

be thankful


touch the people near you

be courageous

speak softly

be courteous

laugh a little

cherish the moment

take a stand


be kind

build community

get engaged

be attentive


give suggestions

sit silently

enjoy the company

set goals

be sensitive


help others succeed

win as a team


set time limits

have a good attitude

be positive

let others speak

sit quietly

think creatively

have purpose

be smart

love the work you do

help others love the work they do

daydream a little

be nonjudgmental

be a leader

be a follower

create a future

welcome change

remember the old


be a friend

be friendly


ask why

celebrate the new

take breaks

find a common thread


make commitments

accomplish things

have another cookie

try something new

make amends

make few promises, but make a few

practice generosity

give feedback

promote others

listen to feelings

have a good time

seek guidance


take risks

complete projects

start new ones

invite new team members

give others a chance

challenge yourself

challenge others

be successful

set high standards

ask for opinions

be patient

have enthusiasm

appreciate camaraderie

end meetings on a good note

achieve greatness ... together


The Author


Bettina Ann Grahek is an educational administrator with a passion for teaching and leading new thinking, new beliefs, and new practices for leadership in education.

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