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On Being Stupid
from Bernie DeKoven's


Warning! Reading this article and especially clicking through the links may be extremely positive for your health and wellbeing. Be forewarned that you will indeed experience Major Fun! (ed.)

As you recall from the Oaqui ("oa" is probably pronounced "wa", "qui" is most likely pronounced "cky", as in "wa cky") revelation regarding the Creation, "in the beginning, it was fun."

According to the Oaqui, there never was such a thing as Evil or evil. Yes, it's true that there's something lexicographically compelling about the fact that "evil" spelled backwards is "live." Yet, who can deny the even more cryptic significance of the observation that "stupid" spelled backwards is "diputs?"

All acts of "evil" are inherently stupid. They are an echo of the not-yet-fun that was before the beginning begun. The fact that the so-called evil-doers think they are being clever or cunning in perpetrating their so-called evil deeds is evidence of how stupid people can get.

Any act in which a person is having fun at the expense of body or mind is stupid. Any act in which one person has fun at the expense of someone else's body or mind, especially because it seems clever at the time, is even more stupid.

Now, doing a stupid thing does not necessarily imply that the person who does that thing is him- or herself actually stupid. In fact, many of the stupid-doers are, in all other lights, quite intelligent. It is quite possible that there is something in the very nature of intelligence that attracts stupidity, and the more intelligent one is, the more stupid one can get. This explains why the intelligentsia came up with the concept of evil in the first place. It's a lot easier, and stupider, to say "evil made me do it."

Calling stupid things stupid is in fact the first step in keeping yourself from doing stupid things. Calling them anything else ("evil," "accident," "error") is stupid. Like saying "the devil made me do it" is stupid. Because then you forget that you were the one who was doing it. And that what you were doing was stupid.

There is apparently no limit to the degree of stupidity available to those who seek it out. For example, in the last century it has become the practice to take all the people stupid enough to have been caught being stupid, bring them together, isolated from any potentially non-stupid influence, and force them to spend many of their remaining days confined to an environment designed by even more stupid-acting people who spend much of their remaining days making other people act even more stupid.

It's not evil to be stupid. It's not fun, either. Fun isn't stupid. It takes awareness to have fun. It takes presence of mind and body and spirit to have fun. The more presence, the more fun. Not having fun is stupid. Making things not fun, for yourself, for anyone, is stupid.

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