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How to Feel Happy at Work—7 Secrets of a
"Thank God It's Monday" Workplace

by Roxanne Emmerich


What accounts for the difference between "Oh crap, it's Monday" and "Thank God it's Monday"?  It’s your happiness. And, for your own emotional and mental health, you need to feel happy at work.

It all boils down to seven habits that can change everything about the culture of your workplace.

1. Show up fully and commit with all your heart

At work, we think of home.  At home, we think of work.  Time to stop that.  The first step toward a TGIM workplace is being present and accounted for at work.  Thinking about being elsewhere leads to resenting where you are. 

While you are at work, commit to work with all your heart.  This is what I call throwing your heart over the bar—committing 100 percent to the moment and task before you.
2. Communicate clearly

Use powerful and positive language about what you will do and the attitude you expect from others.  If a TGIM workplace is your goal, take the time to make your communications clear on every level.

3. Go beyond the job description

Going beyond the job description happens when you pitch in and help others at work without expecting reward. Willingly share the load. If you're caught up on your tasks, help someone else who is crunching for a deadline.  Instead of feeling like it’s an extra burden, you will actually feel like you play a bigger role in your company than you ever did before.

4. Don't tolerate dysfunctional behaviors

Establish a zero-tolerance policy for talking behind another person's back. Then give each other permission to address conflict head-on, out loud, courageously and honestly. Create a trusting and open environment and watch the dysfunction ebb away.

5. Clean up your messes

Relationships are built on trust. Without that foundation, there is no basis for a relationship.  We breach the trust each time we don't do what we said we would do.  But here's the thing—that breach can be healed quickly IF you come back and clean up the mess.  Acknowledge that the results are not okay then make a commitment to make things right and prevent a recurrence.

6. Live a life of profound service

Once you place yourself in the service of those around you—your family, your colleagues and your customers—every moment becomes imbued with purpose and significance. You will feel GOOD. 

As you drive to work, begin thinking about how the work you do is serving others and contributing to their success and happiness.  This is the essence of true service, and the key to a workplace that draws you happily back, Monday after Monday after Monday.

7.  Celebrate

Every project consists of little steps and little victories along the way.  Recognize and celebrate them in both large and small ways.  Build a system of celebrations and rewards—quarterly, weekly, daily—and follow through like your company's life depends on it.  Because, (psst) it does.

Acquire these seven habits and spread them through your workplace. Then be sure to notice the first Monday your hand reaches for the alarm—and you smile. You can love your job and feel happy at work if you follow these 7 secrets.


The Author

Roxanne Emmerich

Roxanne Emmerich is renowned for her ability to transform “ho-hum” workplaces into massive results-oriented “bring-it-on” environments. To discover how you can create a 20/20 business vision, motivate employees, ignite their passion and catapult performance to new levels, check out her new book – Thank God It’s Monday. Now, you can get a free sneak preview at:

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