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How to Make Goals and Resolutions You Can Keep
by Mary J. Lore, Author of the Multiple Award-Winning Book
and Audio Book: Managing Thought


I met with a group of executives yesterday and asked how their resolutions were going. I knew the answer as they squirmed in their chairs and averted their eyes.

If your resolution has already bitten the dust, don't criticize and judge yourself. Instead, do a do-over! Only this time, frame your resolution differently, powerfully, so you can achieve success.

Here's a video I prepared that explains why resolutions don't work and offers guidance on how to make resolutions you can keep.

It's well worth the 18 minutes because it provides guidance on how to set meaningful, inspired goals that lead to significant change over a lifetime.  So relax, have some popcorn and re-think your resolution.



Mary Lore

Mary Lore is an internationally recognized thought leader, public speaker, executive mentor and multiple award-winning author of the book and audio book, Managing Thought. She founded Managing Thought LLC in 2002 to help individuals, organizations, leaders and their management teams develop self-awareness and change the way they think and conduct business to achieve significant results and long-lasting success. You can visit Mary at .

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