What Are Your Intentions?
Three Goals and Four Questions that can Guide You
to Happiness

by Jerry Stein

If you have a goal or a burning desire and are feeling blocked or frustrated in your pursuit of that goal, I have a couple of ideas that might help you get unstuck.

First, take out a clean yellow pad and write down your top 10 goals for the next year -- in great detail. Now, arrange your list according to your priorities and pick the top three - and only three.

Take those top three goals and expand your thoughts about them, and write down how you will feel once you have achieved them. Ask yourself whether you can enjoy the journey you will go through in the process of working toward those goals.

This is important, because reaching a goal can leave you feeling very empty if you can't enjoy the journey. Life is precious, and the relationships we have with others and ourselves truly determine our riches.

So next, write down these magic four questions, one after the other, and then write them down again, but separately at the top of a blank page. Now, you have a template for this exercise as you work on your three goals.

Here are the 'magic' questions:

  • What do you want your life to look like a year from now?

  • What challenges will you face in making that happen?

  • What commitments do you need to make to face those challenges?

  • What price will you pay if you don't make those commitments?

Now, take your top three goals and fit each under the four questions. Write, rewrite, expand and condense, but work on the details as much as you can until you are satisfied with the result.

Take the condensed form (maybe one or two lines) of each goal and print it carefully and clearly on one side of an index card. On the flip side of the card, write your condensed list of the commitments needed to make you work through your challenges in achieving that goal. Develop one index card in this manner for each of your three goals.

Now take your cards and get them laminated, put them in your pocket and refer to them regularly throughout the day. Each card will have different commitments on the back, but every card will have the same three goals. Be sure to put duplicate cards in strategic places around your house, in your car and in your office. (For more information on this and other leadership development exercises, visit www.theexecutiveroundtable.com)

Here's a secret: Once you have developed your cards and continue to review them mentally, even repeating them aloud regularly, you will start to see a phenomenon take place. It's called "The Law of Attraction," and has to do with how you attract the physical manifestation of things into your life based on your thoughts and intentions.

What are your intentions? I suggest you will know a great deal more about yourself in detail once you have completed this exercise. I also suggest you will get remarkable results and ask that you e-mail or call me with your experiences.

When working on the exercise, be as specific as you can, write and rewrite your goals until you feel you have it down, then start putting it to work. Be sure to include measuring criteria, such as time frames. No negative thoughts are allowed; no 'ifs' or 'maybes.' This is about your mind-set: Are you "willing to do whatever it takes"?

It's your frame of mind that will make it happen. What are your intentions?

Jerry Stein, motivational speaker and executive coach, can be reached at jerry@jerrystein.com or (770) 988-0500. Go to www.jerrystein.com for more information, and sign up for his free newsletter.

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