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There Is A DEVIL In Your Advertisement
by Dominic Wright


"Only a devil can suck money out of your wallet every time you try to make some... each time you publish your ads."

Who Else Lost Money on “Creative Advertising”?

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Do you still believe that there is no way of knowing the advertisement pulling-power before you spend your hard earned money running an ad in your local (rip-off) newspaper?

… That there is no way of knowing if your product launch will be a huge success or a miserable failure?

If you are still in the mass of today’s advertisers, with your eyes wide-shut to reality, believing that what Coca Cola runs and works for them on a global scale, would work for your small XYZ company, I have good news…

This will be the most important article you’ve ever read.

Here’s why: The advertisement space costs the same whether it produces zero orders, ten orders or one thousand orders. And while most advertisers today are barely breaking-even, I’ll show you how to make money each time you publish an ad with simple, years-proven advertising strategy.

Who the hell am I?

After reading such a huge promise, I must tell you why you should listen to me in the first place.

My name is Dominic Wright and independent agencies have called me “The Most Effective Advertisement Writer In The World”, “Hall of Fame Copywriter”, “highest paid b2b advertising consultant”, … some have even gone as far as “the man who writes in gold”.

But, I am not here to brag, just to show you the value I am ready to share with you in this article. The insiders of the most successful entrepreneurs today and how they are able to constantly make profits each time they publish an ad.

… No matter how your competitors SUCK advertising in the same media
… No matter what kind of result you’ve been getting (or not getting) up till now.

Before I share with you the profit-pulling secret of ads that work, I must break and crash one illusion you might have.

“Creative Ads SUCK”

… they suck the money out of your wallet.
… they suck at persuading people to buy from you
… and they suck at getting consistent results.

I don’t know who was the first one who told you this shameless lie that you have to be creative… That the main purpose of the advertisement is to get ATTENTION to your product or service.

It doesn’t matter.

I’ll show you now rationally and simply why creative ads waste your money and what is the cheaper, stratospherically (if that is a word) more effective way to make money from your ads.

The Case Against: Creative Ads, Slogans And Nonsense, Self-Oriented Promotions

First… creative ads do not measure response.

If you don’t measure response, you do not know precise numbers of how effective each particular campaign is, right?


If you don’t know precisely what type of ad pulled more orders for your product or service, you don’t know what approach works better, right?

Again… right.

So then, if you don’t know what works better than two previous attempts, how can you make any advancement? How can you use the perspective, the approach that worked better and try it with another ad… in a new variation and try to make even higher response?

You can’t.

And this is where we come to the second most-important, money-generating idea creative ads miss… testing.

If you don’t test, if you don’t constantly improve, you will continue gambling your money each time you publish an ad… not knowing what kind of results you will be getting and if it will make any sales.

There is of course, a solution.

Presenting the Advertising Secret of the Most Satisfied… Most Successful and Most Respected Entrepreneurs Today

The richest entrepreneurs today have long realized, if they want to be able to constantly make huge profits by advertising, they have to figure out something more reliable than pure luck masked behind the word “creativity”.

They wanted a “formula” that will enable them to sell out their entire inventory by publishing one single ad.

And you can recognize easily those successful men and women – they don’t take any BS explanation “creative” marketing agency would give you for lack of results.

The type of advertisement I will present you now is developed by entrepreneurs… written by entrepreneurs and improved by entrepreneurs.

It is the pure gold because it gives you an (un)fair advantage over any creative advertiser who simply doesn’t know why is something in the ad… except because his designer liked it that way.

The secret is called scientific advertising.

Scientific types of ads tells the entire story in the ad. It follows the proven persuasion formula to not only get the attention of the reader, but to suck him into the text telling him about the product or service that could help him solve his urgent problem… It educates the reader and leaves the only one logical solution – your product or service.

Scientific types of ads use concepts that produced the most results (orders) in the past and include them into your ad.

A good ad writer should be able to logically explain to you why each word is put in its place… why one particular type of font… why that headline and why that structure.

You realize the ads that are based on scientifically proven persuasion flow, that use “the nectar” of previous successful launches and implement them into your advertisement, have skyrocketed your chances to success in comparison to the ads where the graphic designer does the main selling job.

How to Scientifically Make Your Ad A Mind-Blowing Success… doubling and then re-doubling your response-rate?

If you think it is hard to make the world class, profit-pulling ads, you’re right.

But, if you think it is hard to double the response rate your creative ad is generating, you’re dead wrong.

Just follow a few, easy-to-implement tricks I’ll teach you and if you don’t out-pull your “creative” ad by at least 50%… contact me with both the old and new ad and I’ll show you how to do so.

I’ll lay out the few easy to follow steps that will both save you money and make you more money. It’s up to you to follow them blindly if your main goal is to get that phone ringing with new orders.

Let’s go.

Step 1

Pay for NO design – at this money, as the beginner, safest and definitely cheapest is if you do not use any design. Some of the most effective ads were without any design at all.

Step 2

Write a big headline that presents your USP – Unique Selling Proposition. It is your most appealing competitive advantage… the reason why potential customer should buy from you instead of from your competitor… it is sometimes easy to identify by simply contacting your old customers and asking them why they have ordered from you. If you know the buying reason for 5 customers, you could find another five just like them.

State your headline with self benefit in mind (not your self benefit, but the readers’).

Step 3

Write like you talk – and tell as much as you can. And don’t worry if it will look messy or long, as long as you are to-the-point and giving the value to your readers, you are doing fine.

Step 4

Use benefits instead of features. Many ads would say that a pc has 1gb ram… but you should instead explain the meaning… what 1gb of ram means… like, get your pc with 1gb of ram so your PC won’t freeze during the normal office tasks.

Remember, you are not selling the drill, you are selling the hole that drill will be used to make.

Step 5

Call to action. I cannot stress how important it is. Explain, specify to your reader “here’s what I want you to do… pickup your phone… call that number… hold your credit card and tell X to Nancy or Lou whoever answers the phone that you want to order your package of Y product”… Don’t assume they do know. I’ve seen it over and over again, every time I would simplify the order process, I would ask them more directly for the order – my response rate would skyrocket. Sometimes as dramatic as 67% by just writing two words: “call now”.

Review Step

Go through all your material and make sure you wrote simply and easily so everyone could understand. Think of a 14 yr old child. If he could easily understand what you wrote, you did great. If he couldn’t, re-do it. Clever people do not use “clever” words. Simple words are understood both by clever people and by not-that-clever people. And you don’t want to miss your buyers, do you?

If you have followed these steps, I cannot tell you that you have a world-class ad as it requires a lot of work and studying, but I can tell you… in fact, I can guarantee you… you are a quantum leap ahead from your “creative” competitors. And the best part is, you know exactly what kind of success you are getting by simply counting your orders. There is no excuse called “building company’s image or something else”. The best way to build up the image is to sell a truck-load of your products everyday… and then, let your satisfied customers brag about it to their neighbors.

In the next article, I’ll show you how to quickly introduce a new product to the market and sell it out even before you develop it.

P.S. If you are serious about getting the huge response from your ads, as a courtesy to The CEO Refresher, I will offer you a free ad critique. To schedule it, simply drop me an email at .


The Author

Dominic Wright is cited by many independent researchers as the most effective advertisement writer you could hire when it comes to direct-marketing promotions. This best selling author and consultant has no agency experience whatsoever. He started as an entrepreneur. Paying out of his own pocket, every marketing mistake forced him to quickly advance in his career and become one of the highest-paid advertisement writers today. Dominic is famous for his bold offers like "I'll outpull your best ad by at least 10% or you pay me nothing". He can be reached at
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