The Dark Road
by Jenna Edmunds

It is true that we all have a light that shines within us, and we have all been blessed by some gift that we will hopefully discover before our days are through. But what if we are on the "dark road", and what becomes of our light and our gifts?

How many of us are "extinguished" by the trials of life, until we fall into hopelessness and despair, cynicism, alcohol and drug abuse or perhaps we just lose ourselves in the corporate world. Do we even know which road we are on?

As a stumbling human being, I was on the dark road for some time. In fact, I have been on it several times in my lifetime. My experiences became darker and darker, and the discerning voice of reason was trampled by my own desires. We have a remarkable ability as human beings to fool ourselves about almost anything. We can fool ourselves that we are content when we are miserable, talk ourselves into anything, "believe" in God yet never hear His voice.

So how do we ever know the truth about ourselves? How do we face who we are, what we want and what we need, when we are continually bombarded by external images and desires and more importantly, our own will that evades the truth at every corner.

It can be a very painful process, there is no other way to say it, and it is usually outside our control. Life has a way of dealing us the blows to push us into the light.

It seems that it is the only way we are capable of growing as human beings. It is not co-incidental that almost every great artist, composer and philosopher has suffered an immense trauma in their lives. Why is this?

How many of us have been shaped and warped by our life experiences? Every experience we have is a tool, it is something that we can use to shape us for our benefit or our own demise. It is our choice. Everything is a choice, because without free will the things we are here to discover would have no value and no truth.

The universe is a series of contrasts: without hunger we would not know the feeling of being well fed; without darkness there would be no light; without evil there would be no understanding of goodness. And without suffering we would never know joy. But where does the joy come from? How do we find joy?

I confess that I cannot find joy for you, but in the years that I have counseled others, just being able to shine my light on another has had a lasting impact. By the same token, almost everyone I have met has had some wonderful gift, be it a smile from the heart or artistic genius.

Until we "see" ourselves, how can we possibly see anyone else?

Jenna Edmunds, Bsc.MSc. offers Life Counseling services in the Toronto area. She offers a wealth of experience counselling individuals on business and personal relationships, sexual dysfunction and personal effectiveness.

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