Is Your Vision White-Hot or Lukewarm?
by Ted Mersino

If you were to take a quick poll of all the employees on your team, would you find them all fully engaged in your vision? On average, are your employees on fire, passionately driving innovation to move the company forward? Or is the majority somewhere in the middle, performing the essentials but without a lot of passion.

The answers to these questions are a telling sign of your impact as a leader. As a leader you cannot make people be engaged and passionate about what they do as a part of your team. On the other hand, you cannot afford a team of disengaged employees either, can you?

Want more telltale signs of the need for vision? Do any of these indicators cause a rumbling in your stomach? Take note that without a clearly defined and passionately communicated vision, you will likely experience:

  • Agitated or less-than-thrilled clients
  • More conflict and infighting among teams
  • Lack of true investment in growing relationships with clients and employees
  • Higher employee turnover
  • Missed benchmarks and reduced revenue projections, and
  • Goals that are pushed back and back and back.

When employees do not have a vision to follow they can lose sight of and enthusiasm for the organization's purpose. Here's some compelling reasons why to consider making VISION a top priority in the next month and years ahead:

  • People thrive on purpose. If everyone from the CEO to the front-desk receptionist can recite WHY they come to work, they're more apt to bring the creativity, resilience, and drive that make companies tick and function seamlessly.

  • People need purpose. Without it, they flounder and individually create their own ideas about why the company exists or why they work (sometimes just for a paycheck). This can lead to infighting as people battle out their own motivations and ideas of why and where the company is headed. It's vital that vision be shared, so that all energies are directed toward the same end-point and collaboration naturally occurs.

  • People crave purpose. We're human and need to know we matter. With white-hot vision, we feel more wanted, valued and appreciated - which lends itself to environments ripe with motivation, energy, positive attitudes and teams that nearly beside themselves with determination and passion.

  • People ponder purpose. When we've got a vision at the forefront of our mind, it serves to propel us dramatically forward. It grounds us, feeds us, and compels us to contemplate new ways to fulfill the vision daily. It serves as a springboard for new plans, goals and objectives, as everyone seeks to master the art of nurturing and fulfilling the vision.

So take stock and take your company's temperature. The simple, but powerful act of investing in vision-casting could be the one leadership decision you make that will forever change the course and success of your organization.

Ted Mersino is the principal of PivotalGrowth Inc., where he supports his clients in practicing the principles of vision casting. His firm assists organizations and individuals in reaching their full potential by helping them to identify and remove roadblocks. His clients include 10 of the top 500 US companies. He has an array of services that can help increase the profits, strength, influence and efficiency of organizations. Please feel free to contact Ted if you have any questions at (847) 425-1400. Please visit for additional information.

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