How Many Ways Can I Market Thee?
Let Me Count the Ways

by Susan Dunn

What does it take to be a good marketer?

You must love your product or service as a true love loves their beloved. It takes deep knowledge of the attributes, and unflagging enthusiasm. Marketing constantly means saying the same thing over and over. Again. How many times, how many ways can you say, I coach people in Emotional Intelligence," or "our frosted caramel pound cake is the best you can buy"? How do you stay fresh? How do you keep taking a new look at your product and service?

  1. Understand "the public" and marketing. I imagine most of you reading this have heard of the field of coaching, yet when I spoke on a cruise, not one person in the audience had heard of it. It will always be "new" to someone.

  2. Therefore: Marketing 101: By the time you're "sick and tired of it," the public is just beginning to hear about it.

  3. Another reason you must repeat and repeat is that open rates are so low, and attention spans are so short. The average "open" rate for eZines (according to Constant Contact, one supplier), is 48%. Half the people won't open any given thing you send them, so won't have heard your message at all. (Thus the "do it 7 times" rule.)

  4. It can be the litmus test of your passion. Think about your child. Did you ever once get tired of talking about your child, or run out of things to say? Your business must be like that, or else (1) move on, or (2) hire a marketing person to impart that enthusiasm.

  5. Or take a vacation. Getting refreshed, and seeing new things breed creativity. Get a good vacation and when you come back, everything looks new.

  6. We create our enthusiasm by creating our enthusiasm. It takes effort, intentionality and action. It takes discipline. Like love, enthusiasm is an act, not a feeling.

  7. Schedule your marketing and sales time for when you're "in the mood." Most good salespeople I know admit that sometimes they just don't have it, and sometimes -- well, when you're hot, you're hot.

  8. Get inspired by reading other people's copy. Peruse some large apparel merchant, and marvel at how many ways they find to describe -- A BLOUSE! Now, you can do that too! Regularly cycle through websites of competitors to see what's new. Terms, styles, vocabulary, pitches change.

  9. Book a brainstorming session with a marketing coach when you get down and run out of ideas. That's what we're here for. When you're doing it constantly, and for a variety of items, the pump is always primed. Get a website makeover. When the site looks new, so will the words.

  10. Listen carefully when your satisfied customers describe your products and services, and, yes, write them down.

They will say things you could never have thought of in a million years, and in their own totally unique way. Testimonials are worth their weight in gold.

Susan Dunn, M.A., is an executive coach, speaker, writer, and author of a series of ebooks on emotional intelligence. She is dedicated to bringing EQ into the workplace with seminars and workshops, individual coaching, and adjunctive distance learning courses. Visit her on the web at and for a free ezine about EQ in the workplace. Please put "EQ" in the subject line.

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