Radical Shifts to Extraordinary Business Results
by Terri Levine

Achieving extraordinary business results in today's lightning fast world requires some radical shifts in thinking and acting.

Business is more than the bottom line and a balance sheet. People make business happen. To achieve extraordinary business results, cultivate deep and agile relationships with your colleagues, clients, customers, suppliers and competitors.

Always check your bags at the curb. Ditch the beliefs standing in your way. Nothing kills an extraordinary business result quicker than a misplaced belief or a hidden agenda. Be open to thinking in new ways and you'll discover new possibilities. You will become lighter, move faster, be more spontaneous and cover more ground with less effort.

Surrender the outcome. Being focused on the outcome limits your perspective, hinders your ability to seize opportunities along the way, and makes you less willing to take risks. It's like running a race with blinders on. Focus on making each day extraordinary.

Waste some time every day. Create space in your life to invest in yourself and in others. The results are extraordinary.

Heart + Head + Soul = WOW!

Achieving extraordinary results doesn't have to be a struggle. To reach for effortless and extraordinary results get your heart, head and soul in sync. Create a place of integrity, momentum, harmony and no regrets.

Don't be afraid to look under the bed. We've all got a place where we seldom think to look for solutions. There may be treasure in the junk and monsters aren't so bad when you look them in the eye.

Use your accelerator to slow down. Ease up on the accelerator to slow down. You don't have to stomp the brake. The smoothest stops are gradual and gentle. And your car will last longer and use less gas. Anticipate and plan.

Make it bigger than you and it will pull you and everyone else along. Realize it's not about your success or failure.

Don't forget to signal before you turn. If you want people to follow your lead, don't make them guess where you're headed. Avoid a lot of crashes, fender benders and missed turns by telling folks which direction you are going before you take off.

Wear comfortable shoes. Be yourself. You'll get more done, have more fun and build more powerful relationships.

Find the "extra" in the ordinary. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. Don't become so blinded by shiny new gizmos that you can't see the obvious.

Terri Levine, the Comprehensive Coach is the Founder/President of Comprehensive Coaching U (www.ComprehensiveCoachingU.com), the Professionals Coach Training Program. Terri can be reached at Terri@ComprehensiveCoachingU.com .

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