The Leadership Imperative - 
A Quick Look in the Mirror!
by Rick Sidorowicz

Mirrors are often the most effective tools to identify issues and gaps, and solve problems. Mirrors often provide profound insights into significant opportunities for change and performance improvement. We are often trapped by the images we hold of ourselves and are well advised to step out and beyond, from time to time, for an objective reality check. 

And if what youíre doing isnít working - do something different!

Consider the following ...

I got what I asked for but I wanted something different!

I got what I wanted but I need something different now!

Why donít things work the way they used to?

If this situation were funny, what would I be laughing at?

How would I view this problem if I were 20 years older? Or 20 years younger?

What would I do, say, or think differently if this problem was an opportunity?

What would happen if this situation meant exactly the opposite of what I think it does?

How did the old solution work in the past? Is the solution now the problem?

What is the larger issue for which this is only a part?

What does the person creating this problem really want?

Am I reacting out of habit and old brain programming?

Am I blocking emotions or feelings which limit my freshness and creativity?

How must I be different to be effective?

What would a great solution really look like?

Is this the best we (I) can do?

What would my great performance look like?

What do I need to learn to be effective and prepare for tomorrow?

What do I know that just isnít so?

Am I part of the problem? And how do I move to be part of the solution?

What actions am I prepared to take to remove the obstacles that I create?

What about you reminds me of what I donít like about me?

Am I creating owners or dependents?

Is anyone having fun yet?

What is it that we really want to create here?

How many individuals have I inspired today?

The leadership imperative incorporates many insights from Flight of the Buffalo, Soaring to Excellence, Learning to Let Employees Lead, by Belasco and Stayer, Warner Books, New York, 1994.

Rick Sidorowicz is the Publisher and Editor of The CEO Refresher and
the Minister of Culture of High Performance Retail.

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