What's The Buzz On YOU?
by Mariette Edwards

You are your reputation.

Recently, I've heard buzz on a number of individuals about their work performance and it wasn't good. Here are just three of them.

Scenario One: The person in question damaged an important client relationship by repeatedly missing deadlines and ignoring meetings with her team. She even had the nerve to tell the customer she hated the work and wanted to quit.

Scenario Two: This individual committed the fatal error of making his creative contribution to his team be all about his creativity rather than how it served the project. He took offense to any suggestions for making his ideas work better. He took several opportunities to make snide remarks about being better at what he does than others were giving him credit for.

Scenario Three: This person complained about her employer the entire time she was on the project. The people she worked with, who did not share her opinion, made sure she wasn't asked back.

On the other hand, there's this woman. She has a reputation for giving 2000% to any thing she's involved with. She has a great attitude, shows up early, stays late, anticipates problems and initiates solutions. Everyone wants her on their team because she adds tremendous value. When her name comes up, heads nod and people smile.

Would you hire or recommend any of these individuals? Do you know what people are saying about your work?

I have a client who knows I am in contact with many people who know her. She asks me from time to time what people say about her work. She really wants to know how she can provide better service to her clients. I always tell her the truth and she appreciates it.

Another client recently ended a business relationship with a vendor because that person did not have the expertise required for the work and had become difficult to work with. My client got a call from a prospective customer for this vendor inquiring about the quality of the vendor's work. Had the vendor done good work, had a great attitude and been easy to work with, it would have been easy for my client to answer. Instead, she didn't know how to respond so she said nothing. If you were the prospect, what would you conclude from that silence?

Want people to rave about you? Here's how . . .

  • Maintain a good attitude no matter what. Attitude is everything!

  • Under-commit and over-deliver. It's better to promise what you know you can do than to have to explain why you couldn't do what you said you could.

  • Give your employer or customer more than he pays for. Do more than just what's expected. Add something extra.

  • Pay attention.

  • Take the high ground. Don't get mired in petty issues that can reveal a side of you better left unseen.

  • Anticipate problems and concerns.

  • Take the initiative. Don't wait 'til your asked.

  • Know your subject. Study. Keep informed. Be a source of information in your area of expertise.

Knowledge is power! You are your reputation. When your name comes up in conversation, what are people saying about you?

Mariette Edwards is a business and career coach, consultant, speaker and writer. Her newest book, The Way Things Work: 25 Must-Know Principles for Making Dreams Come True, is now available as an e-book on her web site at http://www.starmakercoaching.com ..
e-mail :mariette@starmakercoaching.com .

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