Fast Forward Selling - The Marketing Review
by Lois Creamer

Celebrate your small business! We are the fastest growing segment in the economy. We need to keep growing and adapting to change in our markets. Your ability to adapt to change will directly result in your being successful.

There never has been a better time to be reminded of the basics needed in order to thrive - not merely survive.

Questions to ask yourself when reviewing your marketing plans.

  1. Do you have a well-written one-year marketing plan?

    There are a number of free resources you can use for this. Search out the Internet for some freebies, also, don't forget to look in your community for further resources. Local colleges are great, as are groups of retired businesspeople that often donate their services to new businesses. Take advantage of these things!

  2. Do you have a strategy in place to grow your business?

    If you don't, get one. What are the resources you have to promote? I suggest you need a few written marketing pieces and make sure you create PDF files as well. Find out how prospects wish to receive your information. If you simply ask how your prospect wishes to receive your materials, you will stand out!

  3. Do you have a well-defined target market?

    Don't try and be all things to all people. Sure, your service may be a good fit for everyone, but we can't create a strategy "for everyone"! Seek out an industry, and markets within that industry. For example, take financial services. Markets within this industry would be banks, credit unions, associations connected with these, and more.

  4. Are you using the best marketing channels to reach that target market?

    What can you use to open the door? Have you done any work at all that you can springboard off of? Do you have any contacts in these areas? These are the things you need to consider. Network where these prospects go. Read what they read. Make sure you ask friends and family for introductions.

  5. Is your marketing compelling and targeted to reach its goals?

    This is really the important piece, isn't it? Are you positioned well? Get help in creating positioning and materials if you need it. Call me! It's what I do! I do know this. If you don't have killer materials that describe what you do by concept and outcome of working with you, you won't get the business. Period. Check out the competition. What are they doing that is different from you?

Also check out Fast Forward Selling in Challenging Times for tips to carve out a positioning strategy for your business in your market. Do it and your business will grow. Isn't that what it's all about?

Lois Creamer works with organizations that want to fast forward their selling skills. She can be reached at Lois@FastForwardSelling or .

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