Communication Habit Traps
by Daniel Houck

"We have communication issues."

Imagine. In organizations made up of randomly exciting, no-two-alike (even twins are different), ladder-climbing, hierarchy-shattering, rules following, no-holds-barred, uniquely capable, absolutely and generally baffling human beings, you say you've got communication issues. Go on with your bad self. Imagine that? We can.

Everyone has communication problems; that's People Notion language fact #1. It's also what keeps things interesting though. Without them you would never stumble onto some of the most remarkable of ideas. That's not to say that communication breakdowns cannot throw a wrench into the works of your organization - they can and you know it.

Don't get caught communicating badly. Some habits are great and should be done with regularity. Below are some of the best ones.

Habit Traps To Get Into

  • Tell it like it is - People are stronger than you think.
  • Be kind - People are weaker than you think.
  • Speak to everyone like an individual - People respond to respect.
  • Listening aids good hearing - People want to be listened to.
  • Choose the appropriate time and place - People have feelings.
  • Avoid sarcastic criticism - People respond to encouraging challenges.
  • Body language speaks loudly - People "see" what you say too.
  • Be sincere - People believe people that are believable.
  • Open your mind - People work poorly with no options.
  • Be clear with instructions - People understand differently.
  • Remember names - People try to remember yours.
  • Show real interest - People like to see your human side.
  • Be real - People are moved by earnest honesty.
  • Show support - People work for those that work for them.

You can overcome many of your communication problems simply by saying what you mean and meaning what you say. You've heard that before, but you may not have listened to it then. Communication is an incredibly dynamic activity. People interpret an array of information both verbal and nonverbal at the same time.

And, considering the number of messages facing each of us minute-by-minute on a daily basis - it's amazing to think that complex ideas do make it from one individual to the next. But, they do and they can if you work to communicate as effectively as possible. And, remember, when communication problems come up, working to clear things up right away can make great things happen.

Just think about it: skyscrapers get built, bridges are constructed, software is coded, and offices do run smoothly - this because people can learn to work at communicating well.

Daniel Houck is Cofounder & Chief Disillusionsist of People Notion, Company Culture Architects! As a performance consulting firm specializing in helping people and companies determine their highest expectations and then surpass them, they have worked with some of the best companies in the world, and for many of those aspiring to be. A motivational speaker, consultant and writer, Daniel moves executives and their staffs to shatter the illusion that success, measured by joining people with ROI is not possible.

"Exceeding limits and breaking out is achievable. Your people are paramount in this."

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