Check Out the Gap
A Five Minute Reality Check

The five minute quiz - a potentially powerful tool to identify the gaps. Check out your perception and intentions vs that of those who report to you - and then drill down and sample the responses of individuals down to the front line (or out to the front line if you prefer.) Compare the perceptions; talk about the differences; identify the opportunities; and close the important gaps - fast!
The senior management team makes all of the decisions. Most of our decisions are made by people who deal directly with our customers.
Information is provided on a need to know basis. Information is available to anyone who needs it.
Our reward systems are based on individual contributions. Our reward systems focus on business unit performance and team performance.
We encourage a tough negotiating approach with customers and suppliers. We seek out partnerships with customers and suppliers and look for mutually beneficial solutions.
We spend a considerable amount of time in meetings and in committees. We spend most of the time with customers and suppliers.
Our employees have narrowly defined roles and responsibilities. We encourage and value employees to develop multiple skill sets.
We have in place multiple sign offs to ensure the proper authorization is in place. We hold specific people accountable to get things done efficiently.
We hire and promote people who act like we do. We seek diversity in the people we hire and promote.
We have one main model for operating in every market. We build models based on local market conditions and business practices.
Our executives define goals and manage tasks. We define expected results and let our people figure out how to get there.
We want to be in control. We have very clear goals.
We want all the facts before committing resources. We use pilot projects and prototypes to refine our strategies.
We donít give people more than they can handle. We put exceptional challenges to people in spite of everything else.
One mistake can de-rail your career. We value exploration and innovation.

Keep it very simple - 5 minutes maximum, black or white, yes or no, with no middle ground. The learning is in the reality check down to the front line. The power is in engaging others in the conversation about where you are today and where you want to go. Deal with reality - the real reality  - and start the conversation!  (ed.)

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