Characteristics of the 'Best in Class'
Fast Cycle Time
by Rick Sidorowicz

Here is a shopping list of ‘best in class’ characteristics of leading ‘fast cycle time’ organizations. It is also a very convenient glossary of ‘evocative language’ to spice up the most mediocre of mission statements and business plans. Try this quick and dirty quiz to assess how you and your organization measure up to the best in class.

Yes/no, black and white, no middle ground. How do you stack up to the best in class?

Operating Philosophy

Crystal clear customer driven context - yes  no 

Every action tested by its value added - yes  no 

Information is shared openly - yes  no 

Decisions are made locally - yes  no 

Decisions are made in real time - yes  no 

Employees are appreciating resources - yes  no 


Dense, mission focused structures - yes  no 

Emphasis on value added processes - yes  no 

Flat organization with few levels - yes  no 

Blurred boundaries - yes  no

Multifunctional and team based - yes  no 

Work design precedes technology - yes  no 

Partnerships are the norm - yes  no 


The vision is evocative and inspiring - yes  no 

The vision is communicated endlessly - yes  no 

The mission and goals are congruent - yes  no 

Initiate strategies and ensure execution - yes  no 

Secure and develop resources - yes  no 

The structure is in alignment - yes  no 

Develop continuous learning systems - yes  no 

Business Strategy

Bold cycle time reduction goals - yes  no 

Overlapping problem solving - yes  no 

Pursue process development - yes  no 

Trade cost for time - yes  no

Time sensitive performance metrics - yes  no 

Focus on cycle time in everything - yes  no 

Consider ...

Faster cycle times!
Speed to market!
Leaner, meaner, faster!

How about the simple concept of ...

Getting stuff done fast!


How about the acceleration of ...

Decision making cycle time! 

The best in class - they’re good, they’re focused, they’re fast!

Rick Sidorowicz is the Publisher and Editor of The CEO Refresher and
the Minister of Culture of High Performance Retail.

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