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by Dianne Collins

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New Thinking - The Essential Key to Mastery
in a Changing World

Whatever results you are seeking, there is something absolutely fundamental to success, and that is the knowledge of how your own mind and habits of thinking work to create reality. The knowledge and access to universal laws at the edge of discovery today is as essential to mastering results as are the best, brightest and boldest strategies and structures.

Every great wisdom tradition has taught, As you think, so you become. We imagine we think freely, unaware that our thinking is shaped by the world view - what we believe to be true about the nature of reality and the way things work, including what's possible and what's not. The world view allows for what we are even able to think (Were you able to think of a quantum leap prior to 1926? Okay, maybe you're too young for that, but you get my drift.) The dilemma today: we are living in a Quantum Age, yet our thinking remains stubbornly Industrial Age quality.

I wrote the following article for the general public rather than a strictly business audience, yet the message is universal. It applies to every social system from business and education to health, politics and our general welfare. We are living in an unprecedented moment in human evolution when what must evolve is our own consciousness, our very own awareness. The irony of an evolution in consciousness is that it must be chosen, consciously.

QuantumThink®, created for people to make the leap, is a new system of thinking based in our emerging new world view, blending the latest scientific insight and perennial wisdom into a foundation for thinking and living appropriate to our warp speed pace, infinite choices and increasing uncertainty. What follows is a window for you to enter a new world view of thinking and effectiveness, and to realize your own power in ushering in this new era, daunting yet replete with amazing opportunity.

It's time.


We've seen it coming. We've been talking about it, hinting at it for years.

We've felt it, channeled it, intuited it, predicted and proclaimed it.

Every day we witness increasing signs and symbols of The Great Shift.

The year 2001, embryo of the third millennium, once only a Kubrickian science fiction, heralds it with the fanfare of a Hollywood sound stage.

Okay, then. We're ready. Bring on The New.

But what are we ready for?


Spirituality is nothing new. Spiritual wisdom from every culture and tradition has been available to us through the spoken and written word since time immemorial. Shelves of mega-bookstores are lined with how-to's, techniques, and formulas for living, instructing us what to do and how to be. We are all one - love is the answer - do unto others - judge not, lest be judged, etc., etc.

The question becomes - with all the wisdom of ages in abundant supply, why are we still not living it?

Human Absurdity Or Quantum Paradox?

We kill each other in the name of the Most Holy, expect politicians to be liars and crooks, then entrust them to lead us, turn guard gate blockades into residential status symbols, pass blasé through elaborate airport security checks just to go on holiday, and produce television "entertainment" that proves the more deviousness you can perpetrate on your fellow companions, you'll not only Survive, you'll become rich and famous and get a book deal.

What happened to all the wisdom?

Do you suppose Buddha and Krishna and Mohamed and Christ and Moses and Zoroaster and Confucius and Lao-Tse would have given us the advice, "This [fill-in the doctrine] is the way it is. If someone or group of someones don't agree with you - then kill them." I don't think so. Yet, we do this all the time. If we are not killing people physically, we kill them off in other ways. We denigrate them, we persecute them, we sue them, we prosecute them. We make them pariahs, damage their reputations, and ruin their lives and the lives of their families. We morally destroy them. All in the name of Righteousness - or at least, TV ratings.

This isn't just about "them," either. Spiritual path notwithstanding, I find it nail-bitingly difficult to withhold judgment in light of the evening news, or even in the daily event of living with the habits of my own husband. What about you? Don't we subtlely kill off a little spirit in our loved ones every time we snap at them, criticize them, resist them, or simply don't listen when they speak?

Move over, Dennis Miller. Only kidding. My purpose is neither to rant nor cast yet more judgment, but rather to cast light. Together with you, right now, to create a new perspective, essential if we're to usher in the brilliant era so patiently awaited. Otherwise, why should this millennium be any different than the other two?

In the Hindu culture they say we are in the age of the Kali Yuga, the Dark Age. How can that be when this is The Age of Aquarius - the age of light - when the brother/sisterhood of humankind comes together in harmony. Perhaps this is just another quantum paradox - seemingly contradictory forces both true at the same time.

Think of it as El Niño of Human Consciousness

Two human trade winds traveling in the same direction from opposite places, heating up the waters, causing an atmospheric disruption in the ocean of human consciousness. Destruction and disaster may ensue. An awakening occurs and people build anew. Experts prepare for El Niño in a very interesting way. They design from what they anticipate the new landscape and the changed earth conditions will be after El Niño hits. Rather than starting with the old, what was already there and what remains of it, they design from the new context, for the new world, even before the "event" happens. Think about this.

You and I know we are in an amazing, unprecedented time in human evolution when what is evolving is human consciousness itself. The irony of an evolution in consciousness is we must choose it - consciously.

This is why sages and saints have admonished us, Wake up!

It is Time For You to Become Shamans

In Mérida, Mexico I had the good fortune to be in the company of the shaman, Hunbatz Men, the Mayan Elder known as the Day Keeper, Keeper of the Knowledge. One day, Hunbatz Men said he had a message for us. Through soulful eyes born of infinity, slowly and deliberately, he looked around the room at each of us. Palpable silence filled the air. Finally, he spoke. "Shamans are people who lived in wisdom. Now it is time for all of you to become shamans." Become shamans. Live in wisdom. Now.

If it's Mastery We are After, What is There to Master?

We know that throughout history there have been certain persons known to have reached the higher, supreme levels of consciousness - cosmic consciousness as it is sometimes called, or Self-mastery or Self-realization. The rest of us here on earth revere these people - pray to them, see them as God, even. Why do we do this? What is it about them that have the rest of the world society hold them in this light? Surely, they lived in wisdom.

In every tradition they taught, As you think, so you become. The Buddha said, "All that we are is a result of what we have thought." The Bible reads, "As a man thinketh, so it shall be." The Upanishads teach, "One's own thought is one's world - what a person thinks is what he becomes."

We call them masters. What did they master?

The great meditation guru, Swami Muktananda, tells us: the scriptural and philosophical texts of India never speak about attaining God - they speak only of purifying the mind. Muktananda taught, The world exists in you as you. Consciousness, the pure state of Awareness, the infinity from which all manifests into reality, contracts itself to become your own mind. The mind becomes whatever fills it. If our own mind is the very essence of our life - what there is to master, then, is our very own mind.

If Your Thinking Creates Your Reality, Shouldn't You be Asking - What is Creating Your Thinking?

Your thinking creates your world and your experience of life, but where does your thinking come from?

We imagine we think freely, but consider: your thinking is not random; that what you believe, what you think of as real or valid or possible or not possible is silently shaped by the background version of reality that we have collectively organized ourselves around - called our "world view."

A world view means quite literally how we view the world, the nature of reality, and the way things work. Our world view comes to us from the discoveries of scientists and philosophers whose task is to study such things and tell us of their findings. Quantum physicist, Fred Alan Wolf, taught me: The language of our scientific culture and technology filters into our common language, into our thinking and into our lives.

Why should we care? The world view shapes our thinking in ways we are not even aware.

Really get this: We live in a world of technology based upon discoveries about the nature of reality scarcely 80 years old. Yet, we live in a system of thinking that is based upon discoveries about the nature of reality that are 400 years old, many of which have been proven to be incorrect - or limited, at best.

Einstein said the thinking that brought us our current problems is insufficient to solving them. The world is transforming itself into a complex global network, a vast virtual collective mind of timeless-spaceless communications and technologies that advance quicker than we can think.

And this is precisely the point.

We're living in a Quantum Age, but we're still using Industrial Age thinking.

New World View - Old World View, What Does it Mean in My Life?

Our world view not only shapes what we think, it allows for what we are even able to think. Were you able to think about the Internet Prior to 1972? (More like 1995 for most of us.) What about "quantum leap"? This term entered our language in1926 after Max Planck realized energy moved in discontinuous bursts with no visible pathway in between. Now we use this in everyday language to refer to any sudden or dramatic advance that breaks with the past. You can see how this works.

Dr. Wolf wryly notes, "…quantum mechanics indicates there is an order to the universe. It simply isn't the order we expected."

The classical-mechanical world view gave birth to the Industrial Age, the age of machines. The universe was considered as a giant clockwork machine, reducible to its constituent parts that fit together in a mechanical, cause and effect relationship. Only the material was real - what we could glean with our ordinary five senses. There was an objective world "out there" separate from us, made of solid static objects that only moved when pushed or pulled. If you could analyze out the smallest piece of matter and figure out how everything worked, you could predict and control everything. It was an either/or reality. Everything could be determined as this way or that, absolutely.

Imagine how these "facts" would silently train our minds? Mechanical universe = mechanical thinking. Once a machine is set up, it runs on its own. It doesn't require any consciousness. What else? You are separate from me, and my mind (non-material) is separate from my body. I can only know what I can see, hear, touch, taste or smell. There is nothing I can do about fixed, solid objects except push them around or try to change them, or at best, adapt myself around them. Things are either this way or that. I am a victim of circumstances.

Vive la difference!

Relativity, quantum mechanics, and the new science of the last 100 years turned that world view topsy-turvy. It has begun to prove in the laboratory what sacred texts have revealed, and what many of us have felt in our hearts and souls - that the universe is a multidimensional unified whole, and that all of us and everything is interrelated and interconnected. There are distinctions, but no separations, just whole living systems interpenetrating one another.

Objects are not solid, as once believed, but mostly empty space. Everything is alive with energy constantly in flux. Things move backward and forward through time in discontinuous quantum leaps without pathways. Matter exists as a wave and a particle; it is a both/and world where paradoxes abound. What was once thought to be a vacuum is highly powerful energy. Our mind is not synonymous with our brain, but is nonlocal - connected to the one Infinite Intelligence, and able to send and access information across the world.

We live in an observer-created reality. What we see is always dependent on what we, as human observers, bring to our observation. We are always shaping what we see. There is no objective reality "out there" to describe, because reality is context-dependent. Furthermore, something only comes into existence in the act of observation itself.

In the Quantum Age, we are no longer victims of unchangeable, fixed circumstances. We are reality-generators in an infinite quantum field of possibility. If nothing is absolute and it is an observer-created reality, then I am the force in my world.

Knowing this as information won't make much difference in your life. Integrating it as your way of being is essential if you want to think in sync with our time.

Now. Crucial point time.

You Cannot See a New World View From the Perspective of an Old World View

Try to experience the world of a butterfly if you are a caterpillar. You are this creeping, crawling tubular fuzz, restricted to grounded surfaces and probably not traveling too far from home. Now you want to experience the reality of this beautiful gossamer winged creature flying high above the ground, sometimes for thousands of miles. Can't do it. Different reality.

You cannot live the new world view experience from the perspective of the old new world view. This is subtle. Things look familiar. If you see a photograph of an area on Mars, it looks like it could be a desert somewhere on earth. If you cannot make the distinction between the two, you aren't going to be effective in either world.

Until we can distinguish the new world view for ourselves, in ourselves, we will only be talking about it through the filter of the old system.

Okay, then what can we do?

Quantumthink® - The Path Of No Path

To QuantumThink is to take a literal quantum leap to the new world view perspective and begin to think and live from there. You instantaneously shift and you find yourself operating in new world view operating principles and natural laws.

QuantumThink is a new system of thinking comprised of specific distinctions based in the insights of the new science and ancient and modern spiritual wisdom. It is a thinking system created from the new world view. Like most people, you may not have considered the fact that you think in one system or another. This has not been distinguished in our culture until now.

As we said, the principles of the new world view will filter into our culture and into our thinking - eventually. When you begin to QuantumThink, you consciously bring these principles into your awareness immediately. You can see the limited thoughts and a new perspective, simultaneously.

You cannot do this conceptually. You cannot do this through your understanding it. You cannot do this by believing it.

QuantumThink was created for this purpose. For us to make this shift - this change of state - from knowing wisdom to living wisdom.

In QuantumThink we use the term from physics, "least-action pathway" to distinguish those automatic habits of thinking, habits of relating and habits of speaking and listening that just run on their own. You know the ones. Your mother asks you for something, and you get irritated. Or annoyed. You look in the mirror at you body and your mind starts its rant. Those are the habits.

You Want Examples? I'll Give You Examples

We know reality is multidimensional, yet the thinking guiding our actions remains stubbornly 2-dimensional. These 2 dimensions are typically EITHER your way OR mine.

In Al Gore's mind, he won the election, in George W's mind, he didn't. In President Clinton's mind, he didn't do whatever the accusation of the week was - in Judge Starr's mind, he did. In Castro's mind, communism is best for Cuba - in the mind of all the people who fled or who would like to, it isn't. To a Palestinian, they should have their own state where they want it, to an Israeli, they shouldn't. A rap artist is proud of his musical creation, while others would like to ban it. Anti-abortionists consider themselves pro-life - (despite the fact that they have killed to prove it) and so do the pro-choice people. The trend is to minimize the material and become more spiritual. Enlightened either/or.

The list of either/or realities is endless. We "know" life is multi-dimensional. In practice, we are shaped by either /or. Don't take my word for it. Observe your own mind right now as you read this, Yes, I agree - no I disagree, I like that - I don't like that …Hey - it's not personal! Either/or conditioning pulls you to take sides. You must. That's the system. We judge and evaluate everything as good or bad, right or wrong. Then we believe our conclusion. In the future, we are obliged to defend our conclusion.

Our universe is infinite, but we limit ourselves to what our minds can see in a given moment. We think we know. We criticize the defense program, and later find out that Star Wars technology is the very technology needed to avert an asteroid from hitting the planet. And who would have guessed that the U.S. Department of Defense would invent the single most important external factor bringing the people and knowledge of the world together - the Internet.

We're in the time of conscious evolution. This means awakening ourselves from the limits of our mechanical habits. When you can see your automatic habits simply as an outcome of classical-mechanically conditioned thinking (remember, reality is context-dependent) - you lighten up. You can relax knowing it doesn't "mean" anything more than that.

Our Mastery Must Be in the Context of Our World Today - Learn the Laws, Know the Principles

Whatever reality system we are consciously aware of - we are going to be subject to the laws of that system. Until you tap into the new dimension of reality, you have no access to the operating principles of that reality. Even though they may be operating - they are not operating for you.

When you are buying a car, you notice a model for the first time, and you decide to buy it. Now you see it everywhere. The model always existed before. It just didn't exist for you.

We call the new world view "new" - but it has really been here all along. It just wasn't in our awareness.

A hundred years ago the great saint, Swami Vivekananda said: "Science and religion both seek the truth - there's no reason they shouldn't converse."

Okay, it took a while, but now it is happening. Science and spirituality are finding their place together again as the genius of science begins to corroborate the wisdom of our spiritual heritage, making it more accessible to us.

The universe is holographic. The whole of its laws and principles are found throughout nature. They operate in us. To consciously evolve - to live in wisdom - is to live in the knowledge of the spiritual laws and scientific principles at the edge of our knowledge. More accurately said, it is to have that knowledge live in us.

New World View of Learning - The Art of Distinguishing

In a universe constantly in flux, our method of learning cannot be static. Knowledge in a quantum world is dynamic. We call "the art of distinguishing" a new world view of learning. To distinguish is to bring the light of your own awareness to see something either more clearly or in a new way. This is what we have been doing here together.

Distinguishing is a present-moment activity. You can only distinguish that to which you are awake. A distinction is not merely drawing a contrast between one thing and another.

Distinguishing is to become aware of something in a way that transforms your state of being.

Distinguishing is not changing what exists. It is bringing something into existence. It is the generating of a new state through creating a new relationship with it.

People say they have "issues." And then they spend a lot of time working on their issues. They have to keep the issue around in order to work on it. Why would you want to have an "issue?" You cannot get rid of something you are attempting to change. It has to be there for you to change it. We are living in an observer-creator reality. Rather than "working on" a state you don't want, why not just create the state you want?

When you learn through the art of distinguishing, you tap into your power to shift your experience in the moment. You generate an instantaneous transition in your state.

QuantumThink is gleaned this way. The distinctions of the new world view are alive in you.

A Cosmic Wink Before We Go

Scientists and sages alike say everything exists as fluctuating energy, as vibration. Many Self-realized beings did nothing but sit around "vibrating" their state. People flocked to see them just to be in their presence. Their rarified state was enough to transform a person's life.

Could it be that The Great Shift is as simple as accessing our power to shift our own state?

It's time.

Bring on The New.

Are you ready?

Creator-Author of QuantumThink, Dianne Collins, is a visionary thinker, writer, creator and producer. Dianne has an extraordinary gift of originality and the ability to express complex universal subjects in clear and powerful ways that people instantly benefit from. Her lifelong interest in the evolution of human awareness led her to study leading edge thought in nearly every human discipline from physics to metaphysics. Dianne merges her thinking and love of entertainment and creativity as mediums for conscious awakening into the practical wisdom of QuantumThink®. She provides a big picture view that makes sense of the changes all around us, making it easy and enjoyable to think in sync with our time for greater effectiveness and mastery in living.

For more than a decade, Dianne Collins, and her life and business partner, Master QuantumThink Coach, Alan K. Collins have presented their work in new thinking with outstanding success to executives, managers, consultants and staff in the world's leading companies including Accenture, AT&T, Chase Bank, Dupont, Grainger, IBM, and McKinsey; to leaders and officials in the United States government including the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Partnership for Reinventing Government under former Vice President, Al Gore, and the United States Mint; and to entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide.

QuantumThink® is learned in the context of real-life projects and situations in unique, live teleconference programs, QuantumThink 21, and QuantumThink MasterMind, and in a recorded audio program, QuantumThink AudioCoach, available in audiocassette and online streaming. Suggested Listening: Free Introduction to QuantumThink Available on award-winning www.quantumthink.com .

QuantumThink® is a groundbreaking new system of thinking that blends the genius of modern science with ancient spiritual knowledge into practical wisdom enabling us to deal masterfully with the dramatically different world of the 21st century. By tapping into human faculties not addressed in traditional education, simple yet profound distinctions instantly leap people from the limits of outworn Industrial Age thinking into the multidimensional reality of our Quantum Age. QuantumThink expands your mind, your awareness, and your knowledge to give you a direct experience of mastering a life of freedom, power and peace of mind.

Originally Published in the Winter 2001 Edition of Continuum Magazine

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