Customer Service Quiz - Part Two

We are customer driven, fired up and focused on delivering value and service; our employees are empowered and can outperform on every dimension; we've moved from customer service to customer care; our customers are number one! 

Another reality check -  a five minute quiz - true or false, black or white, on or off - with no middle ground - to identify gaps and opportunities. Doesn't  it seem to be more of the same 'stuff' said in different ways? Of course it is. What makes the difference? The investment in time, energy, attention and money, and the degree to which one actually believes it is the right thing to do. We are what we are committed to.


Customer driven organizations will consistently outperform those firms which persist in looking inward for business.

Honest evaluation   -   True or False 

Our employees understand our customer focus and know how to respond to customer needs.

Our corporate mission and strategy recognizes the customer as number one.

Our firm's initiatives are defined in terms of adding value for our customers.

We ensure that every employee is clear about the fundamental purpose of creating and retaining customers profitably. 

We ask our customers what they need and how we are performing against their expectations of us.

Our customers expect consistent no excuses service as a matter of course.

We constantly update our technology and the skills of our people to respond to new technological advances and shifting customer demands.

We look for gaps that exist between customer expectations and their perceptions of performance, and seize the opportunities to respond effectively.

Our customers are at the top of the pyramid, even ahead of shareholders.

Within our organization we treat ourselves as internal customers and strive to deliver service and value.

We are structured to provide services as close to the customer as possible. 

We bring services to customers rather than attempt to bring customers to our services.

Customer complaints about service, quality, billings, and deliveries are decreasing.

Our customer related strategies are integrated with all our initiatives and operations.

Our recruiting, selection, reward, and performance appraisal systems are all structured to recognize and reward customer focus and service excellence.

The roles of our employees have expanded to better respond to the range of customer requirements.

Our customer driven mission is constantly communicated to all employees.

All of our employees are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to deliver on our promise of customer service.

Our employees think of the customer first in all circumstances.

Compare your response to others within your organization, at different management levels, individuals on the 'front line', and ultimately to the responses of your customers. The interesting opportunities are in the variances and gaps - between your perception and that of others, and especially, that of your customers.

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