Customer Service Quiz - Part One

We are customer driven and focused on delivering value and service; our associates are empowered and can outperform on every dimension; we exceed our customers' expectations consistently and provide superior products and services. So what's next? 

How about a five minute quiz - with no middle ground - to identify gaps and opportunities.

Reality Check!

Honest evaluation - True or False

We consistently exceed our customers' expectations for value and quality in our products, systems and services.

Our marketing executives spend the majority of their time out in the field with dealers and end purchasers of our products.

Our customers have a formal voice in our directions.

Our surveys tell us that our efforts are making a noticeable difference.

Our associates at all levels are looking outwards for opportunities to hear customers more directly and solve their problems faster and better than ever before.

We educate our associates to serve customers better.

Our associates have become much more active in differentiating customer needs.

We have become better at listening to the voice of the customer.

Our associates are being more creative in developing solutions for customers.

Our associates are advocates of our customers within our organization.

We obtain direct input from our customers in the development cycle of new products and services.

We know our customers' businesses inside and out.

We show our customers how they can make or save money using our products, systems and services.

Our people know how to listen to our customers, find out what they need, and provide solutions that help them make money.

Our customers expect sustained, high quality service as a given.

We consistently go beyond satisfaction to find new ways to add value to our relationship with our customers.

Our customers keep coming back year after year.

Customer service is a collective organizational responsibility.

Anyone who interacts with a customer is in a position to enhance or jeopardize the relationship.

Every person who interacts with a customer in any way must have the appropriate skills to respond efficiently and effectively to customer needs.

We teach our associates that they are all service providers and emphasize their role in customer retention.

Quality is defined not so much by our standards as by what the customer needs and wants, and that perception changes over time.

We know what our customers want; we asked them.

We listen to our customers, capture their ideas, complaints and expectations, and turn them into action and improvement.

We reward our associates for using their new skills in pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Our customers come first, in good times and in tough times.

We select, recruit, and appraise our people in terms of customer service focus, skill, and performance.

Our top ten customers have my home telephone number.

We are really committed to customer service.

It may be interesting to compare your response to others within your organization, at different management levels, individuals on the 'front line', and ultimately to the responses of your customers. The interesting opportunities are in the variances and gaps - between your perception and that of others, especially your customers.

Part two next time ...

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