Question Your Career!
by Terri Levine

Feel like your career no longer stretches your imagination or excites you? Dread going to work in the mornings? How about expanding your comfort zone and exploring your interests?

This not only takes some creativity but it takes real courage. You might go to work day after day at the same place because you know it, you don't have to learn it or meet new people or decide where to eat lunch. This is your comfort zone.

To begin stepping outside, get an idea of what is comfortable for you about your current job. Then take one very small step and do one thing outside your zone. It might be driving to work a different way, sitting with people you don't know at lunch, volunteering for something you feel you "can't do".

Every day for a period of a month or two, add one new challenge to your day. Push yourself a bit. Test your own comfort zones and push them to the limit. Ask yourself what the worst thing that could happen is. What do you fear most? Why? Once you conquer some of these small challenges, it becomes much easier to get to the bigger ones.

There is also no need to compare yourself to others in this process. When I walked away from a 6-figure income and said, "I am going into business for myself," people were shocked. Many have said, "I am not brave enough to do that." They don't have to be me or do it my way. I pushed myself beyond my wildest limits and got far outside my zone. You can begin by putting a toe out ... that's how I started.

This process can be very empowering and really boost your self-esteem. You will be more confident in not only making career choices, but in life choices as well.

I am not normally a risk taker. I would never jump out of an airplane or ski down a hill, yet I stepped outside and drove a race car at well over 100 miles per hour ... I started a wonderful business ... I have gone from introvert as a child to the official greeter at my networking group.

There is a world of possibility out there. Come on! You can do it! Step outside that box!

Terri Levine, the Comprehensive Coach is the Founder/President of Comprehensive Coaching U (, the Professionals Coach Training Program. Terri can be reached at .

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