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This article is an excerpt from Steady in the Wind - Applying 12 life principles for increasing peace and confidence, which naturally increases sales. (ed.)

To start the lesson, we begin with centering:

Settle back into your chair and relax.

Take a deep breath.

Take another deep breath . . .

Know that we have come here in this time together to form a powerful Mastermind alliance for whatever is in your highest and best good.

We acknowledge in this presence that we are already way more than enough.

We know that we have infinite resources to accomplish whatever we desire.

We willingly release anything that no longer serves.

We willingly accept our good now.

We focus this week on visioning. We ask to open our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to visioning.

And, so we begin . . .


In this lesson, we will cover visioning to support us in having more of what we want and less of what we don't want in our lives.

Visioning allows us to live proactively rather than reactively. It also gives us the opportunity to work more consciously with All That Is, tapping into all Universal forces, both seen and unseen.

Visioning can especially serve us when a situation in our lives doesn't feel good or doesn't seem like what we want.

To Create a Vision for Something You Want in Your Life

The best time to create a vision: when something isn't going your way. Start there. Look squarely at the situation and begin to determine what you would like ideally. Do not censor yourself because what you want seems impossible, selfish or unrealistic.

For example, let's say you look at your sales figures for the first quarter and you feel they're way too low. So, you begin to think about what you would want ideally. You decide you would like to double your first quarter sales in your second quarter. Immediately, you notice the voices in your head saying, 'Yeah right! How will that ever happen? You were lucky to make as much as you did first quarter. You know what THEY are saying about the economy.' Tell the voices to stop. Then, continue visioning.

You want double the sales in your second quarter. Let's say $48,000 for second quarter. Now, write a short story about exactly how you will feel, what it tastes like, sounds like, looks like, etc.

'It is July 7th and I've just totaled my second quarter sales. I brought in $48,570! I had so much fun with clients. I got some new clients because I didn't take myself so seriously. During most of the quarter I felt confident, optimistic and jazzed. I felt especially excited about my new product X and my enthusiasm rubbed off on my customers. I got a couple of amazing testimonials and several referrals. I relaxed more on the weekends without worrying about business.'

Write your story as if your vision has already happened. Make it as juicy, with as many details as possible. Make it come to life for you. Use phrases and concepts that feel powerful and motivating to you. For example, when I write visions about my relationship with Richard, I always include, 'we are so happy together that people ask our secret.' Well, no one has asked our secret. Yet. And, I know it's just a matter of time, because that feels really good to me. In the meantime, he and I joke about it and come up with ideas for our secret. We're having fun - and it feels great!

The Purpose of Visioning

The purpose of visioning: to get your mind off of what you don't want - your current situation - onto what you do want - your vision. Whatever we focus on expands. Since you do not want more of the situation you don't want, you need to focus on what you do want so that it can expand.

You may want to read your vision every morning. You may want to keep it with you and read it on an 'as-needed' basis. You may want to create an affirmation to support it. You may want to rewrite it as you think of more details.

Keeping Your Focus on Your Vision

If you notice yourself thinking about what you don't want - sales of $24,000 this quarter - or how you'll never get what you want - 'The economy's slow. Of course, that client couldn't buy today. Look at how his business slowed down . . .', then STOP. Read your vision and refocus your attention. Tell yourself something like, 'I've wanted to get some new customers. I feel excited about my new product. I'm going to follow up with people who told me to call them when the new product came out.'

If, for some reason, you cannot get excited about your vision at a particular time, then, at least, distract yourself from focusing on what you don't want. Instead of thinking about the slow economy, take some time to do something that will make you feel good. Take a brisk walk, call your niece, sit in the sun sipping lemonade, make 20 entries in your gratitude journal or play with the cat.

Then, when you feel happy and centered again, get back to work. Do not let yourself spiral deep into the story of what you don't want.

How Visioning Applies to Living Steady in the Wind

Visioning helps hold us steady in the wind because we know we have connected to the biggest part of ourselves and that we can create our lives rather than live as victims of the wind.

How Visioning Applies to Making More Sales

When you set a firm intention for what you want by creating a vision, you set into motion all seen and unseen Universal forces. How do we know this is true? Because we've all experienced it in reverse. You know the kind of day I'm talking about. You wake up late. Then you panic. As you're running out the door for your meeting, you spill coffee down the front of you. You try to collect yourself. You call the person you're meeting, only to discover her voice mail is full. You then panic again . . .'

What happened in that scenario: you unconsciously set into motion a vision of disaster. You may have even heard yourself say something when you set panic into motion. 'Oh, it's going to be that kind of day .. . .' 'I might as well crawl back in bed. I can't do anything right today.' 'Of course that customer didn't buy, no one has bought anything this week.'

Begin to bring your visions to the surface. If you notice yourself saying anything self-defeating, you then have the opportunity to turn it around. Respond to your self-talk. 'Well, since no one has bought this week, this customer will probably buy enough for all the rest of them.' 'I have a good feeling. I imagine a backlog of sales piling up right now.'

As you set and stay focused on a vision for your sales, Universal forces support you because your vision remains clear. If you waver between thinking you can't make many sales and your vision of doubled sales, you send out a confusing message, to your customers and to the Universe. If you stay firmly, consistently committed to your vision, you send out a very clear message, making it easy for clients and the Universe to respond to you and deliver what you desire.

Exception Note

Occasionally, you may consistently hold a vision over a long period of time and still not get what you want. This happens because we usually ask for what we want from our personality self and it may not always serve our higher interest. We then don't get what we want because our Biggest self intervened.

Whenever you ask for something, remember to ask for 'This or something better.' Also, pay attention not only to what you want ($48,000 in sales for second quarter), but also pay attention to why. We always want things for some kind of internal experience - feeling more secure, more appreciated, more loved, etc. There are many paths to the internal experiences we desire. You may be able to get the internal experience without getting the thing you think you want.

Example of Visioning

Last fall, I had what I thought was an insurmountable problem. I felt a former girlfriend of Richard's undermining our relationship. I couldn't tell if she really was coming between us or if my naturally possessive, sometimes jealous nature, was getting the best of me. I knew if I demanded he quit spending time with her, he and I would get into a serious battle of our Taurian wills. And, I knew I would not sit still. So, I wrote a vision.

'Richard and I are so intimate, loving and respectful with each other that people ask our secret. Nothing, no one comes between us. We are connected, playful, joyful, passionate and harmonious. We are each deeply fulfilled with our sacred union. Close friends and family know and we both know that we live in right order of being first to each other. Friends and family deeply support our union.'

I also made a note that in the situation with this old girlfriend, I didn't know the highest and best good. So I asked that if the problem were with me, I receive guidance to change my thinking and accept Richard spending time with her. I asked if the problem were with her, that she be removed from our life.

Normally, I would have tried to insist he get rid of her. That would then have caused a huge battle because he would think I disrespected his freedom and I would have felt hurt that he disrespected me. So, this time, I held to my vision.

What happened still amazes me. Within a couple of weeks, she became furious with him and walked off a job she had been working on for him. SHE removed herself from our life, and she did it in a way that caused Richard to see she had meant to undermine our relationship and she hadn't been a good friend. She's gone. Praise the power of visioning!

Another Example of Visioning

One of my dear friends recently self-published a book. She has always had the feeling it would become a huge best-seller. Yet, she chose to self-publish, even though that isn't usually the way a book gets to best-seller status. She envisioned that her book would sell steadily for awhile and then attract the attention of an agent, publicist or large publishing house. That would then get her to the big contract and on the fast track for selling a million or ten million copies.

She liked this vision because, more than likely, the big publisher wouldn't make her rewrite passages or change the cover, because the book would already have a winning track record. Nine months after she released her beautiful, self-published book, she got the call. She is now working with a publicist to sell 5,000 copies in the next six months and then the publicist will take it to one of two big New York publishers where she has contacts.

Practice Visioning this Week

Begin to integrate visioning into your daily life:

  • Practice writing visions for 'problems' - big or small.
  • Record how your visions unfold in your evidence journal.
  • Since some of your visions will take longer than a week to unfold, continue to focus on and track them over the next weeks and months

Since 1997, Ann Strong of Life/Work Resources has coached people in choosing, creating and sustaining their unique life/work. Much of her work involves helping people spring from their own unwittingly self-imposed prisons. A life-long entrepreneur, her background includes 20 years of successful self-employment and 22 years of teaching spiritual and personal development. Clients find her style intuitive, loving, direct, compassionate and authentic. Website: .

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