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Some of the most successful companies, with the most satisfied customers and employees, strong financial results, and high growth, are led by individuals embodying the nine principles of trust, listening, sharing, cooperation, smiling, balance, spirit, intuition, and creativity.  According to research by personal coach, author, speaker, and long-time consumer marketing executive Richard Haasnoot, “Teaching by their examples, these leaders keep a calm inner council, enabling them to achieve compassionate, caring and win-win solutions. Their courage in walking the wise path to success opens the way for others.”

Haasnoot derives practical steps to achieve superior business results based on nine timeless wisdom principles, exemplified by these nine stellar leaders. To compete effectively, business leaders need to understand this new breed, as they are poised to profoundly change the way business is conducted. It's not business as usual in the confines of Morningstar, Rosenbluth International, Gardener's Supply, WRQ Software, and five other highly successful businesses whose leaders embody this new ethos.

Observes Haasnoot, author of The New Wisdom of Business: Nine Guiding Principles from Today's Leaders ($17.95, Dearborn), “I illustrate in detail who is doing it already, how they embody the principles, and explain how to incorporate these ideas into any and every business leader's success story.”  Those seeking to become calmer, more creative and effective leaders must take action to awaken their own latent inner wisdom and self-awareness.  Redefining success, they learn to:

  • Cooperate rather than compete to produce better, long-lasting results.
  • Turn smiles, humor and fun into business' best turbo-booster.
  • Commit to expanding intuition and promoting creativity to expand business innovation.

Writer, speaker, personal consultant and life coach Richard Haasnoot’s mission is not only to personally embody the principles he espouses in The New Wisdom of Business, but to show how others can and are succeeding using these new standards of excellence. Founder of Enlightened Success, an independent coaching and consulting practice, Haasnoot brings more than 25 years of high level consumer marketing experience to bear on his coaching and training work. Formerly an executive with Proctor & Gamble, and with Gallo winery, he has created award-winning advertising campaigns and major new brands. He is author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Five-Minute Managing, and is co-author of By the Numbers: Using Facts and Figures to Get Your Projects, Plans and Ideas Approved.

The New Wisdom of Business: Nine Guiding Principles from Today's Leaders  is available at neighborhood and online booksellers or by calling 800-829-7934.  Dearborn, a Kaplan Professional Company, is the nation's premier trainer and information provider for business and financial leaders committed to profiting from breakthrough ideas.


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