The Partnering Intelligence Fieldbook:
Tools and Techniques for Building Strong Alliances
for Your Business

by Stephen M. Dent and Sandra M. Naiman

The need to partner has never been greater. Our information-based economy requires organizations to reach out and connect with as many sources of knowledge as possible. Following on the success of Stephen Dent's Partnering Intelligence, we now offer you an application guide to our proven step-by-step process to help businesses form internal or external partnerships that add value to their organizations.

The Fieldbook outlines from start to finish the process for creating smart partners. Part One provides the invaluable Partnering Quotient Assessment (PQ Assessment) to measure partnering intelligence and examines the essential Six Partnering Attributes™ in detail. The Stages of Partnership Development in Part Two focuses on ways the alliance can work together to accomplish the task it was formed to do. Cutting-edge exercises enlist the newest partnering technologies to accelerate movement through the Stages of Relationship Development.

Rich with practical tools and how-to techniques, The Partnering Intelligence Fieldbook features more than 100 self-assessments, questionnaires, checklists and examples, including sample agreements and contracts. All assessments are complete with scoring and interpretation guidelines for checking where you are on the path to becoming a smart partner.

Table of Contents

Part One: Assessing Your Ability to Partner

1. What Does It Take to Be a Smart Partner?
2. Self-Disclosure and Feedback
3. Win - Win Orientation
4. Ability to Trust
5. Future Orientation
6. Comfort with Change
7. Comfort with Interdependence

Part Two: Building Smart Partnerships

8. Assess Stage; Identifying What You Want from the Partnership
9. Explore Stage: Identifying Potential Partners
10. Initiate Stage: Communicating and Organizing for Project Success
11. Commit Stage: Move into Full Partnership

What Other's Are Saying About The Partnering Intelligence Fieldbook

"Gives practical guidelines for the team leader of the future"
- Marshall Goldsmith, coauthor of the Business Week Best Seller The Leader of the Future and Coaching for Leadership

"Provides a no-nonsense, step-by-step approach for unleashing the power of true partnerships. Priceless!"
- Make Salvino, Vice President of Services Industry Accounts and Kevin Campbell, Chief Operating Officer, Exult, Inc.

"Business has always been and will always be about relationships. Nurturing your partnering skills and understanding the true power of your Partnering Intelligence is the surest road to achieving successful strategic relationships"
- Kevin J. Wild, Vice President - Sales, Qwest Wireless

"This seminal work will enable you to pick the right partners and avoid the ones that will drag you down. Dent's model teaches you how to become an effective partner through a 'win-win' orientation. A must read"
- Thomas Raffio, President and CEO, Northeast Delta Dental

The Partnering Intelligence Fieldbook:
Tools and Techniques for Building Strong Alliances for Your Business

by Stephen M. Dent and Sandra M. Naiman
Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.
August 2002

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