No Feet In Concrete Breaks the Mold of Conventional Management

Challenging the theory of traditional management models, a new book titled No Feet in Concrete: Leadership In An Entrepreneurial World is empowering managers and their staff to develop leadership styles tailored to their specific enterprises. The recently published book denounces the practice of using "copy-cat" management strategies and outlines a new process for developing a specific organizational leadership strategy based on individual qualities such as staffing, opportunities, strengths and objectives.

Dr. John Boogaert developed this process while coaching management and leadership teams through organizational growth, leadership transitions, and product line launches. "Managers are constantly frustrated because they have tried to cram their companies and employees into someone else's model for success," says John. "We naturally admire successful leaders and their enterprises, but instead of focusing on what they did to achieve success we need to focus on how they figured out what worked for them."

According to John, an organization in the rapidly evolving entrepreneurial world must be focused on dramatic change all the time in order to survive. It must seek to continually reinvent itself and its market as a way of life. To do this, company leaders must develop new paradigms, provide new vision, and above all, inspire focus on the critical issues without becoming distracted.

It is becoming increasingly impossible to be a successful manager using the same old attitudes, ideas and management strategies. No Feet in Concrete: Leadership in an Entrepreneurial World is a must read for anyone wanting to break out of the "management mold" and become a leader in today's rapidly changing world.

About the Author
Dr. John Boogaert is a founding principal of Panagraph, Inc., a California based marketing and consulting firm. As a lead consultant, John also specializes in corporate crisis management and personally conducts each No Feet In Concrete leadership seminar.

After receiving an undergraduate degree in Psychology, John taught Film Theory and Aesthetics at Claremont, where he earned a Doctorate in 1972. During that time, he served as an Artist in Residence at University of California, Berkley. His extensive education and more than 25 years of marketing leadership have been a vital part of Panagraph's success.

John received the California State University, Fresno, School of Business Alumni Association Award in 1988. He has served two years as Chair of the Sid Craig School of Business Advisory Committee and currently serves with an emeritus status. John has served on the Boards of Directors of several California corporations and non-profits and is currently the Chair of the California State University Fresno, University Advisory Board. John is a recognized keynote speaker, utilizing his inspirational ideas and insights for corporate and sales meetings throughout the country.

Since its publication date in January 2001, No Feet In Concrete: Leadership In An Entrepreneurial World has been ranked #1 in the Fresno area on, and John has received national attention from publications such as USA Today and SAM Magazine. The book is available through your favorite bookstore or through the book cover link below.

No Feet in Concrete No Feet in Concrete: Leadership in an Entrepreneurial World, Vol. 1 by Dr. John Boogaert, Panagraph, Incorporated, January 2001

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