Your Performing Edge
The Complete Mind-Body Guide For Excellence In Sports, Health And Life
by JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D.
Foreword By Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit Samuelson

Your Performing Edge contains the latest information on optimal mind-body performance. This comprehensive guide will help you gain new motivation and confidence to achieve major breakthroughs in sports, health, fitness, and life. The new book features the author's personal interviews with Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Jeff Galloway, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Bill Rodgers, Mark Allen, Alberto Salazar, Regina Jacobs, Dan O'Brien, Dave Scott, and many Olympic gold medalists. This book is receiving substantial national media attention with feature articles and excerpts in current issues of USA Today, Shape Magazine, Runner's World, Triathlete Magazine, and San Francisco Examiner. It went into a 2nd printing only 4 months after it's release and is now being distributed in 10 countries.

This book has everything you need to be successful in sports, health, and in life:

  • Discover the winning strategies of the world's greatest athletes;
  • Create a healthy, balanced lifestyle, both athletically and personally;
  • Gain new motivation and confidence to break through mental barriers;
  • Unleash the power of your mind, body, and spirit to realize your full potential;
  • Exercise the most essential muscle of all - your mind.

From the Reviews

"… provides wisdom and guidance in all areas of successful performance - the complete guide for producing the results you want."
Mark Allen, six-time winner, Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

"… a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help athletes of all abilities achieve new levels of confidence and success - highly recommended."
Joan Benoit Samuelson, Olympic marathon gold medalist

"Your Performing Edge is the ultimate book for attaining optimal mind-body performance. It's a great addition for myself and the athletes I teach."
Dave Scott, six-time winner, Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

"Excellent information on so many crucial points of performance …Good strong writing that gets to the point, with powerful examples. This book really hits home!" Runner's World Magazine - Eileen Portz-Shovlin, Senior Editor

"Your Performing Edge is an empowering read …straightforward and concise. It offers the practical approach that is missing in many books on sports psychology."
Triathlete Magazine - Christina Gandolfo, Editor

"This book is a goldmine of information, extremely well organized, filled with the essential tools for excellence."
Dan O'Brien, Olympic Decathlon gold medalist

Joann Dahlkoetter, Ph.D, best-selling author of Your Performing Edge, medical staff member at Stanford University Medical Center, is an internationally recognized performance consultant and world-class athlete. Winner of the San Francisco Marathon and 2nd in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, Dr. Dahlkoetter has appeared on ABC's Wide World of Sports and was featured in Sports Illustrated. She was recently an expert guest on over 100 national TV and radio shows in conjunction with the Olympics, and contributes to Triathlete and Running Times. Her work with Olympic and professional athletes and top business executives gives her special insight into using the mind-body connection to achieve the best in personal performance. For your FREE NEWSLETTER with valuable training tips and helpful articles, or for your autographed book visit

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Your Performing Edge:
The Complete Mind-Body Guide for Excellence in Sports, Health and Life
by JoAnn Dahlkoetter
Pulgas Ridge Press, 2002

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