Leading High Impact Teams: The Coach Approach to Peak Performance
by Cynder Niemela and Rachael Lewis

Coaching is a recent phenomenon in American business that is producing startling and dramatic results. From employees and bosses struggling with the pace of change in a shifting economy to companies grappling to meet demands from market forces that they can no longer predict, all are finding that coaching is the competitive advantage they need to stay ahead of the curve. In the new book, Leading High Impact Teams, two master coaches use their five decades of experience to draw up a road map for starting, building, and sustaining high impact teams.

In Leading High Impact Teams: The Coach Approach to Peak Performance Cynder Niemela and Rachael Lewis share their innovative “Coach Approach” to business coaching with team leaders, team members, and the coaches and consultants who support their development towards excellence. “The need for strong leadership in business, government and society has never been greater,” says Niemela. “Beyond conventional wisdom and servant leadership, today’s leaders must focus on developing practices, behaviors, attitudes and values that energize people and their organizations.” Leading High Impact Teams expands on this concept and offers readers the tool set to create cohesiveness and shared commitment among executives, managers, and team members, helping teams achieve a real competitive advantage.

Niemela and Lewis define a High Impact Team as an energetic group of people that produces high quality, planned results in a defined period of time despite difficulties. “High Impact Team members are committed to achieving common goals using their diverse skills, personalities, and talents,” says Lewis. “By assuming both individual and collective accountability for the success of the team, they support one another in clearing away obstacles, enhancing collaborative efforts, and truly enjoy working as a High Impact Team,” she concludes.

Niemela’s and Lewis’ innovative coaching technology, the “Coach Approach,” (the framework, activities, skills, and case stories needed to build High Impact Teams,) is fully explained in Leading High Impact Teams. Using the metaphor of a nautical journey, the authors examine the process holistically and guide the reader through the ins and outs of using the Coach Approach. Each chapter contains pragmatic tools, distinctions, inquiries, and real case stories that help the reader integrate the Coach Approach into their organization to produce high quality, planned results. The book is broken down into the following parts:

Part 1: Who’s Who: Coach, Captain, and Crew
Chapter 1: The Role of the Coach.
Chapter 2: The Team Leader as Captain.
Chapter 3: Charting Your Course: The Crew as a High Impact Team.

Part 2: Preparing for a High Impact Journey
Chapter 4: Clarifying the Phases of Team Development.
Chapter 5: Stocking the Boat: Preparing to Set Sail.

Part 3: Sailing the Course
Chapter 6: Setting Sail.
Chapter 7: Weathering Storms.
Chapter 8: Effective Sailing.
Chapter 9: Arriving at the Destination.

They guide the reader methodically through the ins and outs of using the Coach Approach with any team, as well as providing hard-hitting examples of teams that used the coach approach to achieve spectacular results.

Leading High Impact Teams is a standout book that will make a world of difference to anyone who is part of a team. While you can’t have a coach on hand 24 hours a day, you can have this book and its invaluable insights and methods at your fingertips at any time.

About The Authors
Cynder Niemela and Rachael Lewis are widely recognized as experts in the “Coach Approach” to developing High Impact Teams. They develop high impact teams in a variety of industries for companies like Hewlett Packard, Oracle Corporation, Ernst & Young, Northern Light Technology, Lucent Technology, and many others. They’ve coached teams through acquisitions, new product development projects, large-scale business application initiatives, and culture change initiatives. Together, Cynder and Rachael coached over 100 organizations and individuals in the past 20 years. They are faculty members of Corporate Coach University, and are accredited as Professional Certified Coaches by the International Coach Federation.

Leading High Impact Teams Leading High Impact Teams:
The Coach Approach to Peak Performance
by Cynder Niemela and Rachael Lewis,
High Impact Publishing, October 2001

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