Deadline! How Premier Organizations Win the
Race Against Time

by Dan Carrison

Deadline! How Premier Organizations Win the Race Against Time profiles six seemingly overwhelming time-critical challenges from a wide variety of industries. The secrets of deadline management come from the lips of the executives, managers, and team leaders who met these challenges head on. Each suspenseful story is a dramatic case study in team leadership; and each chapter yields unique tips that apply to any deadline, in any industry.

Turner Construction Makes the Rocky Mountains Thunder.

Frustrated at every turn by weather, city politics, and land transfers months behind schedule, Turner Construction Company nevertheless delivers the new Broncos football stadium ahead of schedule, and under budget. You won't have to be a football fan to appreciate how this "mission impossible" was brought to a heroic conclusion.

Airborne Express Accepts the Technicolor Challenge.

Technicolor, the world famous film duplication lab, approached UPS and FedEx with a business challenge so fraught with deadlines, that both shipping giants backed away. Airborne Express picked up the gauntlet and now "owns" the film distribution market.

Mission to Mars: the 2001 Odyssey Orbiter.

After two consecutive Mars mission failures, many in the aerospace industry predicted a "strike three" for Jet Propulsion Labs and Lockheed Martin. But the two aerospace giants prove that successful deadline management doesn't have to be "rocket science."

The Ultimate Deadline: How the FBI Manages a Kidnapping.

After the teenage son of a wealthy businessman is kidnapped, FBI agents race to meet a literal "drop dead" deadline.

Boeing's Race to Deliver the 777 Wide Body.

Boeing not only created a new state of the art commercial airliner, it simultaneously revolutionized its own internal management practices. The end result was an aircraft - and a management philosophy - for the 21st Century.

Conoco Wades into the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Allison.

In the aftermath of the perfect storm, fifteen hundred Conoco employees, supported by the resources of the corporation, had only days to prepare and implement a monumental relief effort for the storm ravaged neighborhoods of Houston. For many, it would be the high point of their distinguished careers.

How Premier Organizations Win the Race Against Time

by Dan Carrison
AMACOM, September 2002

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