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OK - so compliance is not high on your priority list. That's OK. In fact it's a very good thing. We have created this page to offer you a most mindful experience. Now that you're here please listen slowly and give these offers your serious consideration.
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What does great performance look like?

Leading change requires serious leadership. It requires leadership on the front lines. It is not about value statements and mission statements and Dilbert like motivational awards and "good hair." It is more like "come follow me!"

It is about caring about people, respecting who they are and valuing what they do. It is also about dealing with reality, focusing ruthlessly on results and providing a clear path to success. It is also about alignment and intensity, where failure is not an option. It's about creating something very special.

High Performance Retail is about the implementation and execution of proven best practices for breakthroughs in performance, where breakthroughs in performance are defined as: significant and sustainable increases in sales and bottom line profits; accompanied by aligned, positive and committed people; and exceptionally satisfied and loyal customers.

This is not business as usual.

Visit High Performance Retail for more.

Then Hit the Ground Leading!

This is an action-packed, head-twisting, edgy and powerful handbook that will show you how to lead your own adventure and turn your plans into reality. Hit the Ground Leading is 'actionable insight' and is a must read for all of your future leaders. This is one of the best leadership guides of all time, and we have added it to our Best Books of All Time.

Click on the book cover and go to Angela's site and buy the book. Better yet, buy hundreds of books for your enterprise! Your people will love it and you may just unleash a groundswell of creative talent! It is superb!

... and another great offer!

The Corporate 360° - Mobilizing the Will to Compete
from FitzGerald Associates

The Corporate 360°® is a unique web-based diagnostic instrument. It creates an in-depth analysis of an organization's Will to Compete and presents it in terms of a Balance Sheet and a P&L. This has never before been possible. It is non intrusive; it is economical. Within days (or hours) the information can be in the hands of management. With that information, true and lasting mobilization is possible. By special arrangement, readers of the CEO Refresher will receive a $1,000 discount on this powerful tool.
>>Read More

How about Free Trade Magazine Subscriptions is your gateway to thousands of trade publications and resource material. Browse through the extensive list of free Executive and Management magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts! Simply complete the application form and submit it. All are absolutely free to professionals who qualify.

... and finally ...

Subscribe to The CEO Refresher today and join the Mindful Network. It's your gateway to the very best brains on the planet - the most mindful articles, blogs, books and Insight/Thought Leaders and over 2,800 excellent articles in the archives.

There are four eBooks free for subscribers!

1001 Ways to Wow Your Customers: Volume 1
edited by Rick Sidorowicz and Darlene Pineda

The Leadership Imperative
by Rick Sidorowicz

A Short Story of Personal and Organizational emPOWERMENT: Creating Company Environments That Rock!
by Michael R. Shenker

The Amaryllis Way Inventory Tool
by Derrick Mueller

... and just one more thing ...

If you are interested in "risk management" you might want to read:

The Ultimate Texas Hold'em Strategy Workbook: Train Your Brain to Win!

It's not free, but it's guaranteed to help you win consistently.

Thank you for listening.

Best regards,

Rick Sidorowicz
Publisher and Editor of The CEO Refresher
Minister of Culture of High Performance Retail

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